The Ways In Which Technology Can Be Harmful

Technology can be very beneficial to you in many ways as it can make life easier and quicker however it can also be detrimental as technology could cause you to become lazy and there is also a possibility that you can become addicted to certain types of technology.

Putting people out of work

In certain places due to technology the demand for jobs is increasing. For example due to features such as the IOT solution in Hong Kong many workers are put out of jobs because even simple jobs such as entering data into the computer does not require a human to human or even human to computer contact. With technology taking over there is a chance that you, along with many other individuals will be out of work. The effects of being unemployed can be dangerous especially if you have a family to support. The stress of not knowing how to pay the bills, educate your children and look after them when they are sick might get to you causing you to become depressed. Being unemployed can make you desperate for a job and due to that desperation you may even resort to jobs that you would not normally do.

A distraction

Cellular phones although helpful can also be a huge distraction. For instance if you are a teacher it can be very disturbing to you if a student’s cell phone rings in the middle of a lecture. This could not only cause you to lose your flow but it could also make you forget what you were talking about, check this trusted educational apps.

Cellular phones can also be a big distraction to the student as they are more likely not going to pay attention to the lesson as they will be distracted by the messages they receive on their phones. Especially when studying for exams, cellular phones can interfere with a child’s education preventing them from putting in all their effort into their work as their focus is not going to be entirely on their work. Technology such as computer games and I pods can be very addictive and can also be damaging to the eyes and ears if it is over used.

Effects of being lazy

There is a chance that the growing developments in technology might cause you to become lazy. This laziness can interfere with your productivity as you are likely to be less productive and less hard working if you have the right technology that can do half the work for you. Being lazy would cause you to put in only fifty percent of your effort rather than a hundred percent of your effort.