Russian A Tragic End To A Hopeful tale

Russian A Tragic End To A Hopeful tale

At their bachelor pad in Northern Ca, Dan McGovern lived the quick bachelor life.

“we enjoy rushing the bike and doing just what we choose to do, and I also do not desire become tied down having a wife,” he stated.

Correspondent Troy Roberts first reported in February as to how far he plus some other US bachelors will head to look for a mate, 48 Hours provides an upgrade.

Lee is seeking a lady’s touch in their Chicago apartment.The trouble is he simply hasn’t came across the right girl.

McGovern traveled to Russia on a matchmaking trip in Moscow arranged by a business called connections that are european. For $3,000 it offers guys the opportunity to satisfy a significant load of Russian females.

“I’m likely to discuss here and simply have a great time,” McGovern said.

The women outnumber the men here by nearly seven to one, and the guys are told to pace themselves and spend no more than 20 minutes talking with each woman, then to take down notes on any woman they believe may have potential at the receptions in Moscow.

Does Preston Steckle, the president of European Connections, suspect that there is a few ladies who are coming to flee the united states? “there is a couple of in there which can be attempting to use the situation,” he stated. Continue reading →