Which Vaporizer Do I Need

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arizer solo vaporizer

You should familiarise yourself with the basics of vaping before diving into portable vaporisation. You can reap the advantages of herbs without the negative consequences by using an arizer solo vaporizer. Dry material is heated below the point of combustion rather than herbs being ignited with a lighter, allowing the active components to be released as vapour. Vaporizers exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and while the result is generally the same, the method each vaporizer works varies substantially.

Vaporizers to choose from

  • The traditional vaporizer

As the name suggests, “Whip-style” or “Box Vaporizers” employ a ceramic heating element and need the user to inhale through a tube. Inhaling hot air over the herbs creates a convection current, giving the user complete control over the vaporising process. Hands-free vaporizers use a design where the herb container rests on the heating element without the user having to keep their hand close to the element to ensure that the herbs are heated, which is common practise with normal vaporizers.

  • Vaporizer on the Go

When we say, “handheld vaporizers,” we really mean “portable vaporizers.” Vape aficionados on the go will appreciate the portability and light weight of these vaporizers. It’s easy to use a portable vaporizer just about any place. They are fitted with a rechargeable battery. In a few options you may get “push-in” battery, or a refillable butane chamber.

Pen-Style Vaporizers are the latest in vaporizer technology. Because of their aesthetic simplicity and resemblance to a typical “e-cigarette,” these portable vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular. For vaping e-liquids, essential oils, and other concentrates, a vaporizer pen is the best option. In comparison to their bigger portable cousins, vaporizer pens are far more subtle and discrete; they generate vapour by heating material in one of the following containers:

Atomizer: Vaporizing oil or herbs with the aid of an atomizer, which contains a small heating coil to produce a convection current.

Cartomizer: A cartomizer is a cartridge and atomizer in one. Because the material is in direct touch with the heating coil, a conduction current is generated.

  • Forced-Air Vaporizer

The most recent innovation in vaporisation is the forced-air vaporizer. Powered by a wall outlet, these devices use an internal fan to circulate hot air over your plants or essential oils. Digital temperature settings are now standard on many devices, allowing the user to fine-tune their vapour experience. When the traditional Volcano introduced the balloon bag distribution technology, these devices followed suit. A plastic bag with a valve is attached to the herb chamber and uses the vapour produced by the fan to power it. A whip attachment is also compatible with some devices, such as Vapir Rise and arizer solo vaporizer. For more information please contact: stonagear.com.au

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