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Features Of Modern Security Doors

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Security doors are necessary for any type of building. Even if it’s a house, business complex, warehouse or shop, the security doors are an integral part of all of them. In past, generally, the idea of the security doors was heavy doors that is not easy to move or open. But with time, technology has changed this idea and with advancement in material sciences, now the security doors can be light and can easily be moved even remotely. Here are some features that are usually common in modern security doors in springvale

  1. In past, the security doors were made of metals. The door weight is significantly high because the thick sheet of metal is used. That makes the door difficult to move but also tough to break. Due to high metal content, these doors were also expensive and take a long time to install. But now, many composite materials are get used in security doors which not make them lighter but also easy to operate. Even the size of modern security doors is 1/3 in the thickness of past doors. That not only make them light but also cost less.
  2. Now the security doors are usually sliding doors. Especially when there are installed inside the building, the internal sliding doors are very common. The advantage of internal sliding doors is that they save space and are easy to move. They have changed the way; the doors are installed. The security sliding doors help to close those doors faster even you can use automation to close the sliding doors. This makes it easy for the user to control the doors. Not only the security doors, but the internal sliding doors can change the interior of any place by adding sleekness and reducing the wastage of space.
  3. The modern security doors have also smart locks now. The smart lock can be accessed by mobile. The smart lock can be unlocked with help of a password or pin code, which makes them secure and inaccessible by other means. Usually, the internal sliding doors are also protected by a smart lock, that helps to keep your rooms secure. Now you can control the doors of your house with your mobile with help of smart locks. This allows you to keep a check on the movement in your house when you are away. Even you can restrict your kids to the access of certain areas of your house and usually, the smart lock works good with internal sliding doors, as their automation is more flexible and lighter.

Even with help of composite materials, the strength of modern security doors is better than heavy metallic doors. This is due to advancements in material science and the use of different types of material in a single door. Even you can have a strong transparent door that has better strength than the opaque metallic door. For more information please visit

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